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EDM Advising

EDM Advisors will meet with you during their office hours, to advise you about courses you are required to take, to help you plan your curriculum, to evaluate your portfolio or transfer credits, to discuss indpendent study or internships and to do Grad Checks when you're preparing your paperwork for graduation.

Find an advisor

B.A. students can be advised by any Art Department faculty member during office hours. Advisor's schedules are posted in the Art Office [CG109], on the door of CGd128 and throughout the building.

B.F.A students, B.A. Digital Design Concentration students or students planning to apply for the B.F.A. or do the concentration should be advised by EDM faculty.

For questions about Internships, contact Professor Mark Addison Smith at 212 650-6451,, CG 130.

The B.F.A. admissions advisor is Professor Annette Weintraub. She can be contacted at 212 650-7410,, CG 132 for B.F.A. admissions or portfolio questions.

Major Codes

Students in the B.F.A. program have the Major Code of EDM; students in the BA have the 111 code.

Concentration Codes

As of FA14, B.A. Art Majors can select the Digital Design concentration option. This option is designed for students who are not in the B.FA. but who want to focus on Digital Design, or for students who are waiting to apply for the B.F.A. Otherwise, art students can select the Studio Art concentration.
The concentration code for Digital Design is DGTLDSNM

B.F.A. Requirements

We have a handout that lists all of the EDM Program requirements. The handout also lists the previous specialization requirements for the B.A. in Art with a concentration in EDM.

Download the B.A. & B.F.A. requirements

EDM GPA Policy

EDM and the Art Department have a minimum 2.5 GPA requirement. A student must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA in order to take EDM classes. Students will not be allowed to register for courses until their GPA is brought up to the minimum requirement.

Program Articulations for the B.F.A. program

CCNY has an Articulation agreement with BMCC.

Download the BMCC articulation.

You also may be eligible for transfer credits for courses that have been added since the articulation was signed.

Independent Study

Independent Study is awarded for internships, for special creative projects proposed once students have completed required courses, and for students doing Lab Monitor assignments. The Indpendent Study form must be completed and include a full project description before your register for an Independent Study course.

Make three copies of the form and have it signed by your Independent Study mentor. One copy goes to the Art Department, one to EDM, and one goes with you to registration.

Download the Independent Study form.

Grad Check

Program sheets are required by the College before a student can file for graduation. The program sheet lists all of the completed requirements and must be signed by a Professor. You can save time by printing an unofficial transcript and filling out the form yourself, before you meet with your advisor.

Download the B.F.A. and the B.A. Grad Check forms/Program Sheets here.

Download the B.F.A. and B.A. Prereqs Flow Chart here.

Grad Checks are not done during registration or during the first three weeks of the semester.


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