Yuki Collins

Onomacation: Japanese Onomatopoea Visualization

Process Book

Abstract: Onomatopoeic expressions (the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named) are widespread in Japan; however, in some cultures, e.g. the US, the use of these expressions is often perceived as immature. My project will visualize Japanese onomatopoetic words in a 5-minute, 2D vector-based animation using kinetic typography as a narrative tool.

This animation is intended for non-Japanese speakers because one of the goals of my project is introducing different cultural perspectives on interpretation and language of sounds and feelings by using onomatopoeia. In addition to the animation, I will create a typography-based 48-page booklet with Japanese four-hole binding. The booklet will be a reference for viewers and will explain all of the onomatopoeia words in my animation. The collaterals will include a muralstyle illustration/typography black and white poster, which depicts the NYC cityscape, and five different designs of postcards consisting of illustrations and typography of onomatopoetic words.

Link to Yuki's website: yukicollins.com