Tyler Jimenez

Dice La Leyenda

Process Book

Abstract: My thesis project will produce a 25–30 page graphic novel for children ages 8–12. It will be a perfect bound, 6x9, softcover book. Illustrated in a flat cartoonish style with solid shading. The book will consist of my adaptation of the Dominican folklore tales of “La Ciguapa,” “Galipotes,” and “Biembienes.” This project aims to provide Latinx middle school children in the U.S. with stories written by people with the same heritage and culture so that children of color can have positive and familiar role models. The project will also include a 1-minute frame by frame animation, depicting the mythical creatures and explaining their characteristics, and three 24x36 posters depicting the mythical creatures in the same style as they are shown in the book, one 48x36 poster with selected spreads from the book, and a t-shirt as collateral items.

Tyler's website: tylerjimenez.myportfolio.com

Dice la Leyenda is a book about the mythical creatures of the Dominican Republic, It aims to get Latinx children interested in cultures that they may otherwise not get exposed to, as well as providing them role-models that look like them and face the same challenges as they do.

This animation serves as a trailer for the book, it goes into detail of explaining the different mythical creatures in the book. In addition, it highlights the importance of love in community in the story.